Raise your hand if you have an awesome idea but no clue how to build it.

Who wants to learn how to code

Exactly, there are too many great ideas out there but too few people with the right skills to make those ideas a reality.

We change that by giving you a big picture view of how you can learn to code and finally make all those awesome ideas a reality.

In this FirehoseProject session we talk about countless experiences teaching hundreds of students how to code and also answer questions like these

> Why should I learn how to code – can’t I pay somebody to code for me?

> What’s the best way of learning how to code?

> Where should I start and what programming language should I learn first?

> Learning how to code, seems to be super difficult and hard, is that true?

> How can I learn everything I need to make my own idea a reality?

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the talk:

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