Coding bootcamps are here to stay. The leading coding bootcamps reshape the way we learn highly valuable technical skills in a faster, better and more relevant way. But finding those leading coding bootcamps is difficult. 

Because we don’t want you to waste your time with finding black sheep that have white fur, we reverse-engineered the perfect coding bootcamp strategy to help you understand coding bootcamps like a boss, find the star coding bootcamps, and learn how to make your mark in the coding education universe.


Step 1: Understand Coding Bootcamps: Like a Boss

Understanding how coding bootcamps can take you from zero to hero is key before you can make any sound decisions.

You need to know the different types of coding bootcamps, what you should expect from each type, strong and weak points, and what is outright wrong. In short, understand your options so you can play the coding bootcamp game like a boss.

Learn about them here: Understand Coding Bootcamps Like a Boss

Step 2: Find The Perfect Coding Bootcamp

Coding bootcamps are everywhere. A very small number of coding bootcamps produce graduates who actually know their code and crush the world with their skills. Those students are not the celebrated success stories who came in with 5 years of experience and a CS degree. Those students are the average ones whose success is a product of a coding bootcamp’s impact and a ton of hard work.

All other coding bootcamps suck. They suck at teaching you what really matters, and they’re a far cry from the real-world skills that you actually need. They promised to reshape the way we learn highly valuable technical skills and they failed. Almost all of them are not worth the money you pay to enter their doors.

Those coding bootcamps failed by not giving a damn about the following:

  • Quality and depth of the curriculum
  • Emphasis on the coding fundamentals – algorithms and data structures
  • A bootcamp team that is technical and 100% focused on student outcomes, not marketing metrics

Everything else a coding bootcamp focuses on is useless.

Get more knowledge here: Suckers and Stars – What’s The Perfect Coding Bootcamp?

Step 3: Make a Dent in Your Coding Education

We are software developers who are making a dent in coding education. We reverse-engineered real-world coding experiences and packed it into a program that gives people training wheels, then teaches them how to take those training wheels off and fly solo in the complex world of web development.

What we do is not magic. It’s the only way that coding education works: real-world coding, real-world skills and real-world experience, packed into the world’s best coding accelerator.

What makes us different is our fundamental belief that the only way to learn code is to go real.

Here’s how we dominate: How the Firehose Project Busts Down the Door of Real Coding Education

Step 4: Boot Up Your Machine and Start Writing Code Today

Whichever coding bootcamp you decide to go with, it’s all about writing code and working on your fundamentals. You can do that with us, for free, with active forum help, regular code reviews from mentors, code surprises, challenge sections and plenty of high-fives to keep you motivated.

We carefully crafted our Firehose Software Engineer Intro Course, made sure it’s as real as it gets, and that it teaches you how to solve coding challenges that screen out candidates during actual technical coding interviews.

Welcome to the Firehose Project – the world’s best coding accelerator.

Ready to go?
Start Coding Today

AuthorMarco Morawec

Marco is the CEO and co-founder at Firehose. He believes in making online education personal and smart.

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