We’re so excited to be announcing the launch of our new Job Track– the first job search optimization track for online coding bootcamp students.

introducing the new firehose job search track

Why we built the new job track

We know that in most cases, graduating from a bootcamp means the work has only just begun. The developer job search is one of a kind, and as a result, a big part of the job search process for new developers is often just figuring out how things work. It can be incredibly time-consuming and discouraging to have to overcome that learning curve on your own.

That’s why we engineered our new job track to help you get past that initial curve as efficiently as possible. We worked with technical recruiters, coding bootcamp alumni, and senior developers, and partnered with BrandYourself, the leader in online reputation management as seen on Shark Tank, to provide you with the most up-to-date guidance and valuable insight.

Students in the full program will get an exclusive lesson contributed by the team at BrandYourself and access to BrandYourself’s premium tool.

firehose x brandyourself

What the job track has for you

From knowledge and tough love to resources and step-by-step support, our new job track was built to prepare you with everything you need to conquer the job search as a new developer and make your transition from bootcamp graduate to employed developer as smooth and swift as possible.

Your job search experience will be personal to your own situation for many reasons, which is why we built our job track to cover everything and designed it to be used flexibly. It’s baked right into our full program training and organized by section to ensure easy access to the resources you need when you need them.

To learn more, sign up to attend an info session here.

You can also watch the recording of our launch event, where we answered your questions and shared a few pieces of advice from the industry professionals who partnered with us to bring you the new track.

AuthorMarco Morawec

Marco is the CEO and co-founder at Firehose. He believes in making online education personal and smart.

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