Today, we are very excited to announce a coding partnership that we’ve launched with San Francisco-based startup and Techstars alum Codeanywhere to help our students code more easily from anywhere they want.

At Firehose, we’re on a mission to reinvent online technical education to help more people change their lives. In pursuit of this, we’re constantly searching for partners who allow us to offer our students a more seamless education experience. Codeanywhere is one of those partners.


What is Codeanywhere?

Codeanywhere is a 2014 Techstars alum and Cross-Platform Cloud Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that saves developers time by enabling them to access code from any device, spin up a development environment in seconds, and share their files, folders or entire development environments to collaborate together in real time.

Or, in simpler terms, it’s pretty much Google Docs for developers.




Why was it founded?

Codeanywhere was founded by Ivan Burazin and Vedran Jukic in 2013 and has grown its user base to over 550k coders. Jukic thought of the idea while working as a freelance developer, when at the time, there wasn’t an easy way to code in the cloud. Now, in addition to its core web offering, Codeanywhere also allows developers to code on-the-go using its iOS and Android applications.

Why are we partnering with Codeanywhere?

Believe it or not, one of the biggest hurdles to becoming a programmer is installing the programs that you need to use. Unlike everyday programs like Spotify, Chrome, Word, or Photoshop, developer programs tend to be notoriously hard to install. As part of the partnership, we’re providing free access to Codeanywhere’s platform during our Software Engineer Intro Course to allow students to hop right into coding.

Ivan Burazin shared his own excitement about this awesome new partnership in a post on the Codeanywhere blog:

“Firehose Project delivers a real-world coding education to a worldwide student community, and we’re happy to be part of this huge educational impact.”

How does this coding partnership benefit our students?

Our intro course gives students the opportunity to dive right in and start programming real Ruby applications. With all of that awesome anticipation brewing, the last thing that you want as a student is to spend hours downloading, installing, and setting up a coding environment on your personal computer. Codeanywhere allows students to set up an initial coding environment about 10x as fast.

By reducing the friction to starting, we can help more potential students overcome their fear of starting and start writing awesome Ruby programs as quickly as possible.

While this isn’t the standard professional web development environment that we use for the Firehose Project core program, it does allow students to easily start coding in less than a few minutes. And at such an early stage in the process, it’s a no-brainer to allow students to use Codeanywhere to get comfortable coding as soon as possible.

How do I start coding with Codeanywhere?

It’s easy. Just begin going through our intro course, build a splash page to get comfortable with HTML/CSS, then dive right into writing Ruby programs in Codeanywhere using the quick install guide that we outline for all intro students.



The Next Step

We’re very excited for the potential of this coding partnership with Codeanywhere as we aim to help more and more people change their lives through online technical education.

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AuthorMarco Morawec

Marco is the CEO and co-founder at Firehose. He believes in making online education personal and smart.

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