Today, we’re excited to announce our new Software Engineer Intro Course. We’ve spent the past couple of months rebuilding material from the ground up with the ultimate goal of ensuring that we’re giving you the best possible foundation to pursue your coding goals.

What’s new?

We filmed, edited, and produced 12 brand new, high-quality videos to give you personal instruction and guidance from our CTO. We also added 10 additional lessons to give you a total of 43 lessons on HTML/CSS and Ruby.

We replaced the splash page with a slick portfolio page that you can now build and launch live on the web. It’s made to showcase your awesome code and web applications, highlight your skills and knowledge, and help you present yourself as a developer before you even begin the full program. You’ll learn how to build a navigation bar, make your portfolio page dynamic and polished, and optimize for SEO.

firehose software engineer intro course portfolio page

What do you continue to get?

Your two weeks in the Software Engineer Intro Course still include:

  • Building and launching a live site using HTML and CSS
  • Writing 25 programs and solving coding challenges using the Ruby programming language
  • Learning how to manage flow control and use Ruby methods

And as always, the Firehose experience includes:

Code reviews along the way to keep you on track and help you write code that doesn’t just work, but also follows industry best practices.

Technical support at your fingertips from our team of engineers who provide help and support to all of our students– whether it’s their first week in the intro course or their 23rd in the core program.

A supportive community of passionate, motivated, and like-minded students, alumni, and developers around the world.

The Software Engineer Intro Course is designed to put you on the trajectory to become a successful developer. At the end of the intro course, you’ll have the solid basis you need to learn how to code and become a developer, and you’ll be fully prepared to accelerate into our full Online Software Engineering Program.

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Happy coding,
The Firehose Team

AuthorMarco Morawec

Marco is the CEO and co-founder at Firehose. He believes in making online education personal and smart.

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