You can learn how to code and build real world applications through three different ways. Traditionally, you could enroll in a 4-year university degree in computer science and probably be well on your way to becoming a good developer. You could also take the self-learners route and figure out everything on your own and teach yourself how to code.

Alternatively, you could join the latest coding revolution and trust your education in the hands of experienced developers, guiding you through an intensive, several month-long coding bootcamp.

This video post focuses on why the very best coding bootcamps are a class above the rest and explains how you can find the top coding bootcamps.

To help us identify what makes great coding bootcamps awesome; we invited the two founders of Launch Academy, Dan Pickett and Evan Charles, to join theFirehoseProject founders, Ken Mazaika and Marco Morawec, in a webinar to talk about what really matters in coding education and how the best coding bootcamps are set up for success.

In the webinar the four coding bootcamp founders go deep into the following:

  • Why group projects and learning to code as a team is crucial to being a well rounded developer and having an impact on any technical job from day one.
  • Why it matters much more to focus on the fundamentals of writing good code than the latest new coding trend (hint: professional web developers care about your ability to write code and not that you know how to use a framework).
  • How you can look under the hood of any coding bootcamp and use resources like the “Definitive Guide to Choosing a Coding Bootcamp” to help you make a smart decision.

Now, lean back and enjoy the talk:

AuthorMarco Morawec

Marco is the CEO and co-founder at Firehose. He believes in making online education personal and smart.

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