There is no substitute for real! Real-world coding experience is the only experience that matters. If you get that experience, you win. If you don’t, you’ll be left in the dust with no chance of catching up.

Unfortunately, the collective coding education world hasn’t caught up to the fact that real-world coding experience is the only thing that matters. Online video courses won’t get you there. 90% of coding bootcamps haven’t put a drop of innovation into their curriculum in the last 24 months, and the 10% that tried are still as far from real-world coding as we are from living on Mars.


It’s crazy that the major players in the industry with millions of dollars in funding still have students going through guides and listening to instructors without getting even remotely close to a real-world coding experience. It doesn’t fit their business model. Innovation stopped.

Real-World Coding Means Coding Collaboration

The best software is built by amazing teams. Experienced developers know that. GitHub – a collaborative coding platform – is a $2 billion company. Why? Because everyone outside of the classroom codes together, collaborates, splits complex tasks into smaller chunks and attacks them as a group. Teamwork is as crucial to coding as the sun is to life on planet Earth.

We live and breathe this real-world coding mentality at the Firehose Project. We bet the entire house on it and organized our entire program experience around real-world coding.

The Firehose program is way beyond coding bootcamps— it’s the evolution of traditional coding bootcamps, and it’s coding acceleration at its finest.

The first 8 weeks of the Firehose program are laser-focused preparation for real coding experience. Granted, you build 4 increasingly complex web applications, learn how to write algorithms and follow the same development standards as the professionals, but still nothing matters more than what comes next:

Building an advanced and algorithmically driven web application as part of an agile development team is the real-world coding experience that you need to succeed.

Where the Firehose Project Dominates

Our students work like in the real world: as part of an agile team.

In the last 5 weeks of our program, we group students into small agile teams to build an advanced web application together through test driven development, continuous deployment and regular team meetings. One of our experienced coding mentors leads the team, ensuring the code base is top-notch and would be accepted on a professional level.

This agile team experience is the exact real-world experience you need to succeed: you’ll build applications with complex business logic all the time on the job. At Firehose, you get that same experience while you’re still in the program. Those 5 weeks alone change the game. Your game.

For a deeper dive into why coding as a team matters so much, read The Most Critical Skill to Getting Hired as a Web Developer

The Firehose Community Runs Strong

The Firehose student community communicates daily via Slack (chatrooms), runs independent troubleshooting office hours, holds regular lightning talks about technical topics, maintains an open-source codebase to share technical talks and topics with other learners, and is always up to something fun.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with the Firehose Community.

Our Slack channel has constant chatter, sometimes about code and tech-related stuff, other times just funny animated GIFs. Alumni and mentors swing by and engage with the current students, too. Here’s what happened just last night when Ben – one of our alumni who now works as a Rails Engineer – came back from a vacation in Spain:

Firehose Community Talk

If you’re not one of our students just yet, you can still get a taste of the Firehose Community and daily coding inspiration here.

Our Code Mentors are World-Class

We only hire world-class mentors. Nothing else will do. Period.

Our current mentors are CTOs, VPs of Engineering, and senior web developers who come with experience from awesome places like PayPal, Shopify, eBay, Flickr,, Product Hunt, Teespring, TechStars and Y-Combinator companies. Some sold their companies for millions of dollars before graduating high school, many contributed to the actual Rails framework itself, and others built tools that are used by thousands of developers worldwide.

Because we only have the best mentors at the Firehose Project, our students usually say the best part of their Firehose experience is their regular mentor sessions.

Here’s what Hugo said about his mentor sessions to the entire Firehose Community earlier:

Firehose Mentor Review

We teach students how to self-correct when programming.

The Firehose Project is all about giving you the perfect guidance at the right moment and constantly taking away training wheels. We start gentle and guide you firmly, let you experiment on your own, teach you how to solve your own error messages, and get you working on complex issues with less hand-holding when you’re further through the program.

Once you’re on the group project, the training wheels are long forgotten and you work just like you will in the real world: as part of an agile team.

For a deeper understanding of why being able to self-correct is so important while you’re learning to code, read this post: The Key to Accelerating Your Coding Skills – And How to Become a Self-Reliant Web Developer

We Are Changing the Game – Be Part of It

We have hundreds of students coding with us in our free 2-week Software Engineer Intro Course. Join them and work on your coding fundamentals, have your code reviewed by experienced developers, and get help through our dedicated Q&A forum.

Apply for our free Software Engineer Intro Course.

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These blog posts and videos peel back the curtain and give you the depth of what your Firehose experience will be all about – learning real-world coding skills that matter:

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Need even more, like a complete look under the hood? Read the weekly blog updates of our students, hear their stories, feel their high and low points and learn from their Firehose experiences in epic detail.

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