Choosing the right coding bootcamp can be hard; even if you’ve read our definitive guide to choosing an online coding bootcamp, you still have to make a final choice and pull the trigger. Tate Price, one of our recent Firehose Project graduates, had to make that same decision several months ago. After Tate and I jumped on a Skype call and talked more about The Firehose Project and why we believe that no other coding bootcamp offers the same real-world coding experience, Tate decided to go with one of the other online coding programs,

Throughout the following weeks, Tate and the Firehose team stayed in touch and regularly checked in with each other on coding-related issues and his current coding progress. After spending 10 weeks with, Tate decided to leave and join The Firehose Project community.

A few weeks after Tate joined The Firehose Project, we received the following note from Tate and smiled:

“I learned more in my first two weeks at The Firehose Project than after 10 weeks with Bloc!”

We asked Tate to write down his decision-making process to help people like him figure out what learning style works best for them.

Enter Tate…

It was hour number 8 of looking at the same computer screen and scrolling through the text to see if I had missed an important detail. I had not. I was stuck. I had admitted I was stuck hours before then began redrawing the same numbers and diagrams on the white board I had erased three times before. Frustrated was an understatement. I then looked at my dog who was hungrily eyeing the almonds on my desk and began to explain to him (for the fifth time) what I was trying to accomplish. He was rewarded for his patience but his kind ear did nothing to help my predicament…

You can read Tate’s full blog post on “Why the Firehose Project Beats” and get to know more about his experience on his personal blog.

AuthorMarco Morawec

Marco is the CEO and co-founder at Firehose. He believes in making online education personal and smart.

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